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As informações coletadas de endereço ou contato ficam armazenadas em um banco de dados protegido e são as mínimas necessárias à realização e ao aprimoramento dos serviços prestados, tendo acesso restrito a funcionários da Henry Equipamentos responsáveis pelo setor contatado.

Os emails cedidos serão utilizados apenas para atendimento, e não serão utilizados para o envio de informativos comerciais, a menos que autorizados a isso.

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Nenhum telefone informado será utilizado em "ações de telemarketing" a menos que autorizado.

Nenhum dado cadastral cedido será divulgado ou comercializados.

      The Lumen Advance is currently among the best tripod style turnstiles on the market. Made in carbon steel, the Lumen Advance joins beauty and technology allowing customization according to each clients need. Its smart design allows the installation of various peripherals and other accessories, such as biometric readers and/or RFID, improving Lumen's capabilities. Lumen also requires low maintenance, meaning a higher long term economy. On the aesthetic point, Lumen still surprises with its award-winning design, featuring an on point stainless steel finish, accompanied by an elegant front lighting, resulting in a very high quality product that fits and harmonizes nearly any environment.

      In order to join design and technology, Henry Argos brings what there is of most modern in relation to access control. It can manage up to 2000 users and store the last 53.000 access registers. It contains a biometric reader, thus increasing security to the most trustful level. However it also is equipped with RFID, for costumers that rather use this system. It also features TCP/IP communication as well as an incorporated Web server, making it a must for anyone that wants reliable access control in their facilities.

      Bein able to manage up to 15.000 users, the Primme is the ideal solution for managing access control of doors, condos, parking lots, vehicles and others. Thanks to its versatile structure, it allows the installation of accessories and peripherals such as biometric reading, barcode readers and proximity cards. It features an USB port, allowing quick importation and extraction of data via Pen Drive. Being one of the most cost-effective access controls systems on the local market in addition to its diversion, it definitely can't go wrong as an access controller from houses to business.